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Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 6

  The doctor person is telling them that someone has gotten into Aoi’s heart. She tells them that its someone from the outside. All of them are wondering who could be doing this to Aoi. The doctor says that if this continues Aoi could die, Kyouichi tells her that she should be able to cure her [...]

NANA - 42

     Reira is thanking Shin for replying back to her mail and she tells him that she has been saved by Shin’s words again. Hachi’s dad asks Takumi whether he can handle taking care of Hachi and the baby while being famous. Takumi tells him that he will take care of them well. Reira is [...]

La Corda D’Oro - 20

 Hino gives Lili the violin back saying that she can’t play it anymore. Lili asks her if it’s really no use, Hino tells him “please understand” Lili thanks her for going along with his selfish wishes. When the violin is going away from her hands she remembers what Tsukimori said about her loving the violin [...]

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 5

Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Aoi, Komaki, Daigo and Kisaragi are trying to figure out how a person could turn into an oni. Aoi thinks that maybe the onis they fought with were also humans but Kisaragi tells her that those were different from Ryouichi and that most likely someone is using some kind of jutsu to give [...]

La Corda D’Oro - 11

Fuyuumi, Hino and Amou are celebrating after the concour. Fuyuumi wants to call Hino as Kaho-senpai. She says that she wants to be like Hino and that Hino is the best. Hino is thinking that she doesn’t deserve being said that. Shimizu is looking at the ranking chart and telling himself that it was a [...]

La Corda D’Oro - 10

 Episode 10
   Everyone comes in to see the concour even Tsukimori’s parents come to see him play. Tsuchiura is blushing when he sees Tsukimori’s mom. She tells him that as a fellow pianist she is waiting to see him perform. Tsuchiura performs first. Next up is Hino. She is playing Pachabel’s Canon. She also says [...]

Nana - 41

Ren wants to go back to Japan and isn’t happy that Takumi got to go back to Japan. Takumi has gone back to Japan to meet Hachi’s parents. Hachi is back at her home-town and she visited her family and told them that Takumi is coming tomorrow. Her sister is telling her that Takumi seemed like [...]

La Corda D’Oro - 19

Yunoki goes to Kanazawa-sensei and tells him that he is going to resign since he has to go to school in England. Hino is telling herself that it would be easy to resign and that she has no reason to play the violin. Then he tells her that she looks like she wants to throw everything [...]

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 4

   Hiyuu saves Aoi. Raito hears a guitar playing and goes after it. Raito finds crow-kun apparently he is Ryouichi. Hiyuu and Kyouichi follow him and catch up to him and Ryouichi. He made Hiyuu and Kyouichi say bad stuff about each other. Ryouichi says that he has got God’s power. He makes Hiyuu [...]

NANA - 40

                                                BLAST, Debut!!
   Everyone is talking about Nana and Ren. High school kids, middle school and even mothers are talking about Nana and Ren. Gaia or search weekly (not sure) is being flooded in with phone calls. Kawano and Matsuo are talking about what has happened and the consequences. And they are saying that they [...]