NANA - 45

Episode starts off with Nana and the other BLAST members thinking Takumi might be with Reira. Nana is very angry, but she has to calm herself b/c she starts feeling like her breath is going away. Blast and Trapnest are getting ready to come on TV. Hachi and Junko are watching the show and they see Nana. Junko asks Hachi whether she is excited to see Takumi but Hachi says that she sees him everytime. Junko tells her that Nana doesn’t have time to think of Hachi, Hachi says that she doesn’t mind if Nana isn’t thinking of her but she wants to be able to help and support Nana. Miu and Yuri are watching the show too. Yuri tells Miu that Nobu is the coolest but Miu tells her “isn’t the most normal looking? Yuri tells her that she likes guys like Nobu. Yuri thought that Miu and Nobu were together. Miu tells Yuri that he is too young.

Nana is saying how Ren changed to being cool and calm when the camera was rolling. Nana is telling herself that everything is planned, and this whole show is boring. She also says that ther life is like a drama and that she will make her own future. Flashback of Nana as a small child. Nana is saying that she is no more a small kid. Nana is saying that she loves Ren and if they do marry it would end there as the public would think that its a happy ending. But she feels like everything and everyone is fake! But she is fine with that b/c she can’t take another day of not being with Ren forever. (Nana thinks that the marriage is just for showcase) The interviewers ask Reira how she wrote a song like Shadow of Love she says that when she imagined it, the images and words just came out. Right then Shin remembers Reira crying like a baby saying “I can’t do it” while trying to write the song.

Nana is asking Ren if Takumi and Reira are together, Ren tells her that he asked Takumi and he said that, that would never happen. Ren tells her that they will talk about it later, Nana asks him when is later. Ren says “who knows” Nana says “Do you want to get married or not?” Ren “does that mean..” Nana tells him that she will talk to the manager about it and that she can’t let Ren do everything on his own. Yuri is wondering when they will all be back. Yuri suggests playing Mahjong with all the BLAST members. Miu flashbacks to when Nobu tells her he loves Mahjong. In the car Nana is telling herself that she will regret telling the manager and Ginpei.Then Nana thinks that if she tells Yasu then he will do something. They show a picture of Nana as a small school kid holding onto Yasu lol!  Ginpei asks Nobu who he keeps on mailing, he thinks he is mailing Ren. Nobu tells him that Ren doesn’t really check his mail so.. Nana thinks “is it Hachi, or the girl next door.” Then she tells herself “find someone and be happy quickly Nobu”

Hachi thinks that Nana is a bit worried b/c she was day dreaming a lot. Junko says that she was more worried about Nobu since Takumi was right there. Then Hachi tells her that she got a mail from Nobu some days back saying  he wanted to talk to her b/c they had broken up with out properly talking but she doesn’t know how to reply so a week has passed since. Hachi tells her that even now when she thinks about Shouji her heart aches a bit. Hachi says that she never thought what he might feel and she says that in reality she didn’t know anything. Junko gets angry and asks her why she is thinking about it now, she can’t do anything. Hachi tells her that she wasn’t planning anything but she was just thinking about him and about all the bad memories it became and that she didn’t know what was true and what was a lie. Hachi goes on to say that believing in someone and being betrayed by them is very hard to erase. Hachi thinks that if Nobu has a girlfriend now, then it will become into a bad memory. Hachi says that now she can’t face Takumi, and that she might have chosen Takumi but her love for Nobu wasn’t fake. She wants Nobu to understand that.Kyosuke and Junko are talking about what all thats happened right then Sachiko and Shouji come in. Shouji tells them about the firewroks festival happening the next night. Shouji and Sachiko invite them for the fireworks festival, then Junko says “Nana is free why don’t you invite her?” Shouji is shocked and is like no,no…

Miu wins in Mahjong against Yuri, Nobu and Shin lol! Yuri is all over Nobu. Miu tells them that she had to paly the role as a mahjong player so she got good at it. Yuri is getting angry that Nobu seems more interested in Miu than her. So Yuri tells him about the video she is gonna be in *nose bleed*.. Shin goes off saying he is bored, Nobu says that if Shin doesn’t win he feels bored just like a kid, Shin’s reply “I am a kid after all” He goes to Yasu for support. Nana is telling herself that Nobu has hit it off with Yuri so she should be quiet for now. Yuri asks Nobu whether he has a girlfriend, he says no, Yuri tells him that he will comfort him, right then Yasu says he is lonely too. When Yuri says something, the way Nobu says no is just like Hachi. Nana is shcoked saying ”Oh no Yuri will see Hachi in him at this rate.” Shin gets a mail and quickly asks Yasu the schedule for the next day. Shin seems pretty sad when Yasu tells him that schedule. Shin wants to cancel the thing what they are doing at 6:00. Nana is telling him no way. But then Shin says that Hachi wants to meet them and go to the fireworks together. Nana and Nobu are shocked to hear this. Nana snatches the phone and shows the message to Nobu and asks him whether he is going to go or not. Yuri is saying no you can’t go, but Nana tells Shin to quickly answer her. She tells him the time and place to meet. Hachi gets the mail and is very happy. Nana’s voice “It’s not a dream Hachi, all of us will laugh again, together like that day. We can go back, once more we can try to return to that night, together lets go back” Ren is about to tell Takumi about him and Nana. He asks Takumi where he bought Hachi’s ring and how does it look. Nana’s voice “Hachi, both of us who are so different, would never have thought even in our dreams that we would go to the place we are most scared off. It would be nice if you still treasure that ring.”

  • Ren wants to buy the same ring Takumi bought for Hachi! kyaa >_< I wrote this in a hurry so there could be spelling mistakes enjoy!
  • New ending song by Anna Tsuchiya  ”Stand By Me”
  • Hachi and Nobu!!!!


La Corda D’Oro - 23

Kanazawa gives all of them a copy of the theme for the next and last selection. Hihara, Hino and Tsuchiura are talking about Yunoki and what he might be doing in England when they start walking in a hall where all the girls are gloomy and sad especially the three girls who are after Yunoki the most. The girls tell them that there is no use winning. Tsuchiura says that they need to make it the best performance and Hihara agrees saying that they need to make it unforgetable for Yunoki’s sake and he says that he belives that Yunoki will come back to music. Tsukimori hears Hino practicing and gives her some hints. He asks her how its going with the violin, she tells him that its as good as her skills. He asks her whether she is scared and that she should realize that she is in a very tight spot/ hard place, he asks her whether she is scared of the result and of where she is now. She tells him that b/c of the violin being with her she got introduced into music and met everyone. Tsuchiura is thinking about what music to play for the selection and says that he will play that song for the last selection.

Hino finds something of Amou’s camera. Amou cares way more about her camera than anything else. Hino is surprised to see Amou fixing up the camera on her own, Amou tells her that the camera migth be old but its like her partner. This causes Hino to think about wanting to become partners with her violin. Amou and Hino end up finding a tape and then they play it. Kanazawa ends up hearing it and runs to find it and stops the playing. He tells them not to tell anyone about this tape and goes off. Tsukimori goes to his mom and tells her that he wants to play with her in the charity concert. He tells her that he wants a certain person to listen to it. His mom is wondering who took Tsukimori’s heart. Tsuchiura is practicing in the store. Hino goes to the store to get something for the violin. Tsuchiura is helping Hino and Hihara hears music coming from the store and he meets Tsukimori outside the store too and then they see Tsuchiura and Hino coming out. Hihara then remembers the store, it was when he was trying to choose between sports and the brass band. He had seen a trumpet in the store’s window and then he had decided to change over to brass band. Then the old man comes rushing out of the store saying he remembers where he saw Tsukimori. They all watch a tape of Tsukimori playing. When Tsuchiura came to know about the concour and then his dad (not sure) showed him the video of Tsukimori playing, then Tsuchiura had been shocked at how good Tsukimori was. Tsuchiura is thinking to himself “If there were people so good in the concour then there was no use… who would have thought that, that was Tsukimori”

Tsuchiura is telling Tsukimori “I am sure you are aiming to win the concour?” Tsukimori says “ofcourse” Tsuchiura tells him that he won’t lose in the last selection and then they meet Ousaki. He shows them a flyer about a volunteer concert. But the kids are sad b/c no one is taking their flyer. Then Hihara sees some people setting up to play and comes up with a plan. He and Tsuchiura start playing so the crowds start coming so now the kids can give their flyers to the people. Tsukimori sees everyone having fun and remembers his mom’s words about music being there to make other people happy. Hino is going back home with Tsuchiura, they both tell each other what songs they are going to play. Tsuchiura tells her that when he sees her practicing so hard he feels like doing his best too. Tsuchiura tells her “That song, I would have never thought that I would play it again” Then he says something about him having a violinist like Hino with him.

  • About the last line I think he was saying that the song he is going to play is accompanied with a violin player so Hino is the violin player to him.


Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 8

The two mikos tell the old man the situation. People are being attacked by onis and Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Komaki, Daigo and Aoi are fighting one of the onis. Later on all of them are training. Aoi is trying to train by fighting against Kyouichi. Toono is asking them if an oni came out the night before. Komaki thinks that there aren’t only onis coming out and Toono agrees saying that some of the incidents seem like an onis doing but it could be just a normal incident. Kyouichi “people are dying, it doesn’t matter if its real or fake” Toono shows them a newspaper clipping of one of the incidents that is most likely an onis doing. The detectives are getting information about one of the incidents. All of them come to know that Hiyuu stays on his own and all of them think it must be lots of fun to live alone. Kozunu and Marie Claire are trying to decide on what to do next. Kozunu is wondering where something is and he flashesback to Hiyuu and says that something is bothering him. The old man’s name is Ryuuzan (he was Daigo’s teacher) They introduce themselves to him. Ryuuzan stares at Hiyuu for quite a bit.

The detective starts talking to Aoi about how the incidents are increasing. He talks about what the police might be doing and saying that even if the person who did that is found, the victim won’t be brought back to life. Aoi runs off after hearing enough. The oni thats ripping people’s hands apart killed someone else but keeps on saying “no, not this hand” she seems to be looking for a certain hand. Then she sees Komaki. The oni knows Komaki’s name. Daigo prepared a big lunch for Komaki lol! Komaki knows the two mikos one of them is Hinano Oribe and the other Yukina Oribe. Hinano and Komaki were rivals for a long time. The oni is looking at people passing by and saying “no,no,no,no… Sakurai Komaki” The archery competition has started. Aoi is remembering the words of the detective. The oni is going to where the competition is being held. When Komaki’s about to aim, dead bodies start falling from the roof with their arms ripped out. All of them get ready to fight. The oni asks Komaki “you will give it to me right Sakurai-san.. you will give it to me, that hand!!” The oni gets the wings of an insect and flies off with Komaki. She says that her hand has been broken off and so she wants Komaki’s hand. Aoi tries to help Komaki. Kyouchi,Hiyuu and Daigo start fighting with her. The oni flies off again, but Kozunu comes out aand starts fighting with Hiyuu. Kozunu wants to know who Hiyuu is and what he is. Aoi is struggling saying that she wants to protect.

Kyouichi tells the oni to stop it and he says that he hates women who are so stubborn. Komaki comes up with a plan to drop the tank onto the oni. Kyouichi is about to kill her. on the otherside Kozunu wants to know who Hiyuu is. Back to Kyouichi etc the girl seems to be out of the spell and says that she has been made fun off by Komaki again just like before. But Komaki doesn’t seem to remember her. Aoi tells her that if she continues doing this nothing will come off it, she tells her to stop killing people and says that she can become friends with Komaki now. Aoi tells her that if there is something she can do she will. The girl starts asking for her hand back and then she jumps from the building. Komaki remembers her. Her name was Sakuya. Aoi starts crying saying she couldn’t protect. Hinano and Yukina have seen all this. Komaki is having a flasback when she was a kid that same girl was with her. Komaki had said that if they lost, then that girl had said “I’ll kill myself” But Komaki told her that they won’t lose.

  • I am not too sure about some of the new characters name. enjoy!


NANA - 44

Nana’s voice “My dream was to make the band really popular and to make every japanese person know our name even if I had to go to everyone one by one”

Nobu and Shin are looking at their schedule. Yasu goes to see Trapnest, there Reira calls him a traitor. Yasu sees Ren’s hands shaking and goes to talk to him. He asks him whether he is still taking it, (drugs?) Ren tells him its okay and that he will stop. Yasu tells him that he doesn’t need to worry about him taking Nana away from Ren. He also tells him that Ren becomes worried when Nana isn’t there and that Nana is the same. After BLAST’s performance Shin rushes to the car saying that he isn’t feeling well. Nana goes to her room. While walking towards the room she wonders if her feelings for Yasu are just brotherly feelings.

Ren is waiting for Nana in her room. Nana is thinking “If we can’t be together forever then it will be better if it ends now. Ren must be thinking the same thing.” When Ren says that he wants to talk, Nana says in her head “I am ready, but I am scared.” Nana is worried that they are going to break up. Switching to Shin running to the car and Reira meeting him there. Reira comments on how no one will be able to see inside. Shin says he will do anything she wants. Reira tells him that she wants to do what Shin wants to do b/c she is no more a client. On the other side Ren is telling Nana to sit down. Nana is thinking about how Ren seems to have become thinner and she is wondering if he is eating enough. Then right when she is sure he is going to say that he wants to break up Ren says “marry me…” Nobu goes to meet Miu at her work. He comments about how good she looks and then she tells him to not harass adults. Nobu quickly tells her that he might look like a high school kid but he is going to be either 21 or 23 not sure. But Miu is 27. Nana’s voice “since I was a kid I thought I was a person who wouldn’t be loved by anyone. That’s why when I met Ren I thought I was in a dream that became reality.” Reira tells Shin that her birthday is next week and that she is turning 23. Shin tells her that his birthday is next week too and he is turning 16. Their birthday happens to be on the same day. Nana’s voice “To love someone and be loved is a miracle to me. I thought it was an enemy of destiny” Ren asks her whether she will marry him she says its impossible. Ren tells her that he wil die if she doesn’t say yes. He says something about when he dies it will be a dead end for her which causes Nana to say “then kill me”

Later on Yasu comments on how her face colour seems to be back and asks her if she slept well, Nana tells him to shut up while blushing lol! Their make-up person saw Ren leave Nana’s room. Yasu tells her that Ren still acts like a kid so she should be a little kind to him. Nana is saying while looking at Ren “I am not anyone else I am Ren’s woman, I wonder why I didn’t sense something so easy as that.” Then she continues on saying that Yasu and Ren were together since they were born. Nana is protecting herself from Reira but Reira comes and says “Nice to meet you Nana-chan, I am Reira from Trapnest, lets get along” Junko goes to meet Hachi. Junko comments on how Hachi has become a great cook. Hachi tells her that if she was living alone she wouldn’t try so hard to make good food. Hachi says “May be b/c I like to see the person’s happiness when I make food for them and I can atleast feel useful.” Junko then says how Nana introduced Takumi to Hachi. Hachi flashbacks to the first time Takumi was at Nana and Hachi’s place. Junko says how now Hachi seems to be the happiest. Nana’s voice “Hey Hachi, about me introducing you to Takumi, back then I was worried but even if you are happily staying with him right now then I am a bit at ease. Thats the no 1. favour”

  • About the last line what I meant by “thats the no 1. favour” is that Nana feels like that was the best thing she had done if Hachi and Takumi are still together.
  • Also about Nobu either he is turning 23 or 21 I am not sure b/c I think one of them is his birthday date.
  • Shin and Reira!!! >_<

La Corda D’Oro - 22

Tsuchiura, Shimizu, Fuyuumi, Tsukimori, Kanazawa and Hihara are hearing people talking about Hino and how she should quit etc. Hihara’s friend tells him to practice and to do his best b/c when Yunoki goes only Hihara will be left from the 3rd year music students. Hihara asks Kanazawa if just loving it is enough and he feels that this all has no meaning. Kanazawa tells him to not feel down instead play his trumpet and make his own music. Hino sees Hihara practicing and tells herself that his playing sounds different from before. Then she understands that Yunoki had said about Hihara being the other one who’s sound had changed. Hihara tells Hino that he wondered why he chose the trumpet even though before he was into sports and he had a very close friend. In the flashback Hihara’s friend gets angry when he talks about the trumpet. Hihara only ran b/c he liked to so he ended up quitting that and entering the brass band. But his friend kept on training on his own. When the day of the competition came Hihara went and played for his friend. His friend placed 2nd but he said that Hihara’s best would have been much better. Hihara tells him that he might have quit the club but he still likes to run a lot. When playing the trumpet he feels great. But after that his friend left (the school/moved?) Hino tells Hihara that when she hears him play she feels the happy emotions. His friend said that when he heard him play he got a lot of strength from it even though he played bad. Then Hihara plays for Hino. He tells himself that “This is all I can do, but if it makes her happy then…”

Hino asks Mori-san how she did, Mori-san tells her that at her level it will be hard for her to compete in the concour. But she says that when she sees Hino playing she thinks that something unexpected will happen. Tsuchiura and Tsukimori are wondering if Hino will be able to do well in the selection. Tsuchiura tells Tsukimori that some school’s teacher said that it could be magicc? but Tsuchiura thinks that she is working hard for sure. Shimizu and Fuyuumi are talking about Hino’s sound and how her emotions will show through. Amou shows Hino some pictures she took of her. Then Amou shows a picture of her playing and says that if someone saw Hino and didn’t know her they would say that “she loves to play the violin a lot” Hihara tells Yunoki that “music is after all really good” he also congratulates Yunoki for winning the last selection, Hihara says that he never really congratulated him and he tells Yunoki to do his best in England.

Hino tells Kanazawa that she has decided to practice really hard. Kanazawa tells her that he admires her and that he couldn’t stand back up.(most likely about his past)??? Yunoki kidnaps her again! He takes her to dinner. He asks her if she is going to continue playing the violin, she tells him that she doesn’t know about before but now she wants to take it one step at a time. Hino asks him if he will continue playing the flute in England and she asks him if he has to go. Yunoki says “are you going to say something like, I want you by my side” lol Hino tells him that she wants him to continue playing and not quit. Yunoki says “It was fun, Kahoko” The next day he leaves.

  • Next Episode seems to be about some tape in which small Tsuchiura went against small Tsukimori??
  • For once Tsuchiura and Tsukimori didn’t fight they actually talked. Just 3 episodes left!!! La Corda ends on March 25!

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 7

Episode starts off with a flashback showing Aoi meeting Kisaragi when they were kids. Kisaragi is hurt pretty bad and he flashbacks to when he was a kid and he broke a cup at Aoi’s place. Kyouichi notices that Aoi has been day dreaming a lot so he asks her why she is day dreaming a lot. Their teacher Maria asks them whether something happened betwen Kyouichi and Aoi since they are actually talking properly with each other. Another flashback of Aoi and Kisaragi going to a tunnel type place. At the end of the tunnel there are lots of fire flies. Small Aoi tells Kisaragi that this is her secret place. She tells him that her father got angry the last time she came here so she tells Kisaragi that they are even. She gives him a bracelet. Kisaragi’s master/dad (not sure) tells him that they have had a connection with the Misato family for a long time and that they are here to protect Tokyo. He tells him to start getting ready for his mission. Small Kisaragi is training hard. Kisaragi is telling himself “if those things start moving….” Kozunu is chanting some kid of spell and then he gets these memories of a war. His eyes start glowing and then he says “I have accepted it, you heart that is.”

All of them are asking Kisaragi what he was doing and how did he get wounded. He says that the reason he thougth that all of this was happening wasn’t the reason it has something to do with geiho?? Geiho is like different types of things combined like tendou, jindou etc Inside all of that there is something known as kidou. (not sure)  Kidou is a way to call demons or something. Apparently there was a family that had that kidou. It had to do with people of a certain era. They had powers to call forth demons I think. They got something known as Kidou-shu. They are trying to use the darkness in a person’s heart to rule Tokyo with Onis. Kisaragi says that he will fight against the kidou-shu b/c that is the mission of the Kisaragi family. Even if he is alone he will fight. He tells them that they are different they don’t have a reason to fight so it doesn’t matter if they fight or not. He tells them that there is still time. He tells them that if they are ready to lose their lives then… Aoi says she will fight, so does Komaki. Then Kyouichi comes in and says that if they finish off Kozunu then people will stop becoming in to Onis so Daigo is also in, everyone will fight. Kisaragi tells Aoi that he willl protect her no matter what. Kozunu and Marie Claire come out. Kidou-shu were realeased by the Kisaragi family but now Kozunu is manipulating it.

 He introduces himself as Tendou Kozunu. They all get ready to fight. Suddenly everyones eye starts doing these wierd things. Its like they are hallucinating. When Kisaragi hurts himself the hallucinations stop. Those things let go off everyone. Kozunu wants a certain thing from Kisaragi thats why he let him go last time. Hiyuu and Kozunu start fighting. When Kozunu’s axe goes and tears off a piece of Marie’s clothes she totally flips! Her eyes become huge she becomes scary and she goes totally crazy. Kozunu wants a sword from Kisaragi. Anyways Kisaragi was actually testing Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Daigo, Komaki and Aoi. But Hiyuu seems to be worried about something. Somewhere else some guy is saying that the time has come.

  • At the ending the guy who is saying “that the time has come” looks like Kisaragi’s master/dad?
  • Marie Claire totally went ballistic!! that was seriously freaky.
  • Hiyuu strength is shown in this episode I am surprised he got up and fought after Kozunu pushed his head into the ground.
  • Also when Kozunu and Hiyuu started fighting Kozunu had this weird flashback with some girl in it?
  • I am not too sure about the Kidou-shu.
  • Those mikos from the opening are going to be coming in the next episode I think.


Spring Season 2007 preview

Spring is almost here. Time to check out what shows I might blog and the other shows that are around. There are loads of anime to look forward. I can’t wait! The list may increase later on! The summaries are from anime news network, anidb and animeNfo.

-Very Interested in!!-


Heroic Age 

Airing: April 1


Answering the call of the “Gold Race”, all the sentient races launch into space. The human race is the last to launch, and are thus known as the “Iron Race”.

Much time has passed since then, and humanity is threatened with extinction at the hands of the more dominant “Silver Race”.

In order to save her people, Queen Deianeira sets out on a journey to a galaxy far away, following the prophecies of the Gold Race handed down by the royal family. Then, she meets a boy named Eiji. Their encounter will change the fate of the universe…



Airing: April 3


In this world, from ancient times, people were eaten by beings called “youma”. For a long time, people lived without any means to counter them. However, a half-human, half-youma female warrior was born…. Female soldiers known as “Claymore” who, with silver eyes that can see through to the true form of “youma”, and carry a large sword as a weapon, continue to battle those which people have named “youma”.  


Darker Than Black -Kuro no Keiyakusha-

Airing: April 5


In Tokyo, an impenetrable field known as “Hell’s Gate” appeared ten years ago. At the same time, psychics who wield paranormal powers at the cost of their conscience also emerged. Hei is one of the most powerful of these psychic agents, and along with his blind associate, Yin, works for one of the many rival agencies vying to unlock the mysteries of Hell’s Gate.


Seirei no Moribito (Guardian of the Sacred Spirit)

Airing: April 7


“Once every 100 years, a Water Fairy implants an egg into a person who then becomes the Guardian of Fairies. This time, the responsibility falls on Chagumu, the second prince of the New Yogo Kingdom.

Chagumu’s life isn’t easy. The king finds Chagumu an inconvenience and attempts to have him killed. As a result, the queen asks a female guard, Valsa, to protect Chagumu. In addition to this, beings from another world, known as Nayugu, constantly attack him in order to eat the egg carried in Chagumu’s body.”



Airing: April 8


During summer break, 15 boys and girls attending summer school explore a cave. Inside, they meet a man named Kokopelli. He asks them to play a game he made. The goal of the game is to defeat 15 robots attacking the Earth by operating their own giant, invincible robots. They think it a mere video game, however…

The rules of the game:

1. If the pilot is beaten or can’t resolve the battle within 48 hours, the Earth will be destroyed, along with all life on it.
2. The pilot is chosen in advance. There can be only one pilot operating the robot at a time, and they can’t change off with another person.
3. The robot is powered by the lifeforce of the pilot. A single battle will deprive the operator of his life.


Shining Tears

Airing: April??


Kotetsu Sangokushi

Airing: April 5



-May Be-

Princess Ressurection

Airing: April 12


I don’t know anything about it but it seems interesting. May be…


 El Cazador de la Bruja

Airing: April 2


Ellis, a young girl suspected of murdering a prominent physicist Heinrich Schneider, is on the run from an underground society called “Hunters” when she is tracked down by the bounty hunter Nadi in a small Mexican town. However, instead of turning her in, Nadi impulsively decides to help her and the two girls embark on a journey to Ellis’ hometown, where they plan on finding clues about her past. From there, they travel south to search for the mysterious Gemstone of the Inca Rose, the “Eternal City” of Wiñay Marka, and Ellis’ own obscure destiny.

Kaze no Stigma

Airing: April??


Again don’t know much about it something to do with the guy being kicked out of his fire clan?? not sure seems kind of cool may be…




Airing: March 28

“A transferred student Asai Mugi is a painfully shy girl. She is so shy that she can’t speak when she becomes seriously nervous. However, for some reason, she is spotted and recruited as a member of drama club.”


Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formura

Airing: April 4


The human race has recovered from the cataclysmic disaster now known as the “Equator Winter”. Now, each country begins to battle one another with robots to establish the new world order. A 13-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl operate Japan’s robot.

Now begins their robot battle.


Lovely Complex

Airing: April 7


Risa and Otani are always being laughed at as the comedy duo. Risa, a girl, is taller than the average girl, and Otani, a boy, is shorter than the average boy. The two are always bickering and even their teacher sees them as a comedy act. But as their friendship develops, so does Risa’s feelings toward Otani.


Seto No Hanayome

Airing: April 1





Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Opening/Ending

Opening 0:00 AM by ACID

instrumental version 0:00 AM

Ending Hanafubuki by Acid

Instrumental Version Hanafubuki

Please support the artist by buying their CDs thank you!

Thank you Lissa for sending the links!!

NANA - 43

                                       Blast, Guerilla Live

    Nana’s voice “If I died now I don’t think Ren would die with me, but thats fine, if it wasn’t like that I wouldn’t be able to go on. The me who thought that, that was sad/painful is strange for sure.”

    Nobu goes to the next room, Miu’s room, asking for a paper bag. He asks her what to do she shows him how to properly breath into the bag etc. Miu tells Nobu not to worry too much b/c someone stable like Yasu is there. She tells him that she was jealous that there was someone like Yasu for Nana and apologizes for being rude. Ginpei took Nana to a hospital. The doctor tells her that she should reduce her smoking. But Nana says she can’t stop something like that. The doctor says that with somone like Yasu by her side she should be okay! lol The doctor tells her that nothing else is wrong. Nana asks if she really is fine b/c she felt like she was about to die. Nana says that the doctor should do something b/c she doesn’t want to lose her breath on stage, performing etc. He tells her that since its to do with stress he can’t do much about it. When Nobu asks her what the doctor said she tells him that he said that somethings wrong with her head. Ginpei tells her that its usual for a celebrity to have stress and that she is sensitive too. Nana is telling herself that she hates the weak part of her and she is wondering how Yasu,Nobu and Shin can go on with her.

    Takumi tries to use Shin’s lighter which Reira has but she tells him not to touch it. Naoki is surprised that, that is a lighter, Takumi tells him that he said the same thing when he saw Shin’s lighter. Ren says that the lighter is one of a kind, Takumi asks Reira whether that is Shin’s and starts asking her why she has it even though she doesn’t smoke, she lies saying a fan gave it to her. Nana is saying that she was scared and that when she heard Ren’s voice she felt painful. Nana tells her self that she is better off busy. Nana is saying that there are many people involved in Blast’s debut project. In the car Nana’s voice “If I met Hachi now I feel like I could talk to her with a smile and listen to what she has to say about Takumi and their child but I didn’t have any time for that”

    Nobu goes to do his laundry and meets Miu there. Nobu asks Miu to listen to him. He tells her that the doctor and staff said that if Nana has the breathing problem again then they should act calm and like nothings wrong b/c it can make her feel uneasy too. Nobu asks Miu “in that painful moment, won’t she feel lonely?” (if they act like nothing is wrong) He tells her that he can’t act calm in a situation like that and that he doesn’t trust himself to. Miu tells him that even if he is calm if she feels his emotions or thoughts then she won’t feel lonely. She tells him that thats how she is. Miu is reading a script for a movie she is in its about a mahjong player. Nobu tells her that he loves mahjong even thought he sucks at it. Nana is wondering how many people in the city know her name.

    BLAST performs on the streets. Nana is thanking the paparazzi because of them she is now well known. She thanks everyone and then starts singing. Hachi is watching BLAST and Nana perform from far away. Nana’s voice “Hey Hachi, we are a bit far but the place you are is the safest. I wonder if the baby inside you can hear me.” On the TV Hachi sees Trapnest’s new single’s video “Shadow of Love” After seeing the dress Reira is wearing she tells Takumi she wants the same dress as the one Reira wore for the video. Takumi tells her that its not the dress its Reira. Reira is pretty and he says that it won’t suit Hachi! Nana is shocked to see Nobu chatting with Miu. She tells herself that there was no reason for them to change rooms if he was going to become friendly with some other gorl.  She is wondering how people can change so fast even though before all Nobu was saying was “Hachi,hachi,hachi” and she says that Hachi was the same too. In the elevator Nana feels like she is going to lose her breath again but she sees Yasu and is fine. Nana tells herself that she can’t let Yasu have any more bad memories. Nana is telling herself ”I can live if Ren wasn’t there with me like I did before but if Yasu isn’t there, I am sure I would be useless. When I meet Ren this time for sure I am not going to be comforted.”

  • At the ending I think they say that Trapnest is going to be in some music show and Blast will also be there (not sure)
  • Another nice ending song by Olivia Lufkin
  • New Ending song “Winter Sleep” by OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA ~Trapnest~
  • If you want the song check out this site while you are there check out the other stuff it has. Also buy the CD and support the artist.

La Corda D’Oro - 21

Hino wants Tsukimori to teach her how to repair the violin. Tsukimori flashbacks on the first day they meet. He tells himself that “she looked at me with the same eyes as that time” Anyways he takes her to this guy Nakata-san who owns a violin shop and makes violins etc. Nakata-san tells her that even if the violin breaks it’s not the end and that its different from people b/c it can go on for a long time. Nakata-san takes a look at the violin.  He tells her that a rabble/labble label is not there, that has the name of the person who made the violin written on it. He tells her that its a very good violin and that she should keep it safe. Tsukimori plays one of the violins to check it. Nakata-san comments on his performance saying that its become warm. Hino goes to buy strings for the violin and meets Tsuchiura there. She tells him that she is getting back to playing the violin. Tsukimori teaches her how to put the strings on. Then she checks to see if she can play it. Hino tells herself that she wants to start from the beginning and learn to play the violin b/c she loves the violin.

Hino tells Lili that she fixed the strings herself with the help of Tsukimori. Lili then says that the reason she can see him must be b/c of the way she is. Hino tells Lili that she will do her best with the violin he gave her b/c it is the no.1 violin in the whole world. Hino starts practicing and she is not as good as before. Hihara is very happy to see her playing again. Hihara asks her if she hurt her finger b/c it sounded pretty bad, she tells him that, that is where she is at now and she will do her best b/c she loves the violin. Shimizu and Fuyuumi are really happy to hear her playing again. Everyone is talking about how bad she is. Tsukimori says “use more power, Hino” Tsuchiura has decided to leave the soccer team fully. But the captain tears his letter and says that he wanted to know which he would choose b/c both music and sports are very competitive and if a person can’t concentrate on one thing, they can lose.

Hino tells Tsuchiura that she has planned to go step by step and slowly. Tsuchiura tells her that he has had bad memories of concour then he tells her about what happened to him in a junior competion. He was one of the youngest and he played his heart out and did his best. But someone else won. From then on he stopped playing the violin piano infront of anyone except the day he played for her performance. He said that, that was the first time he had played for someone else’s performance. He says that when he heard her play the music in him felt like it became bigger. He tells her that its b/c of her he came back to playing infront of everyone. Yunoki’s fan club goes and tells Hino that she is horrible and that she is ruining their last moments with Yunoki. Luckily Yunoki comes in acts friendly etc so they leave. He tells her about how her sound/music has changed and he also says that there is someone else who’s sound/music has changed.

  •  I think Yunoki is talking about Tsukimori’s sound/music changing b/c Nakata-san had said that his sound/music had become warm.
  • Next episode is more on Hihara.