Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 6

  The doctor person is telling them that someone has gotten into Aoi’s heart. She tells them that its someone from the outside. All of them are wondering who could be doing this to Aoi. The doctor says that if this continues Aoi could die, Kyouichi tells her that she should be able to cure her and thats why they have come to this broken down hospital. Then she reminds him of when he was a kid he used to cling to her lol! She tells them that the only way they can save her is by finding the person who is manipulating her and stopping him and she tells them that they should find him fast. Suddenly the nurse says that she saw a dog infront of the hospital, the doctor says that she sees lots of wierd things. She tells them that she can see ghosts.

Toono goes to investigate on how the other high school kids suddenly collapsed so she calls Komaki and tells her that it migth have something to do with Aoi. Toono shows a picture to them and tells them that he is the guy who is after Aoi. His name is Reiji Sakaya/Sagaya (i think) Toono blames him for all the incidents involving high school students. She tells them that when he was in high school he got beat up badly by some students who were in a gang? Since then he has never come out of his room but suddenly since the spring there is a rumor that he comes in people’s dreams? Komaki is about to apologize to Toono but Toono tells her that their secret is safe with her. She remembered that they had saved her in the first few eps. Reiji is telling Aoi that they didn’t have any reason to beat him up they just found it fun, but then one day Aoi came. Those guys are telling him that he shouldn’t be hanging out with Aoi. Then afterwards he tells her that he got his chance, he tells her that he will protect her and he is asking her to stay with him in his world. He is wondering why she isn’t opening her eyes he figure out that someone is trying to take her out of his world.

Kisaragi figures out that all the seals are being taken out or broken. Reiji goes to the hospital and gets through the barrier. Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Komaki and Daigo get into his world. Reiji welcomes them to his dream world. He tells them that Aoi is his possesion and will not give her to anyone. The big cuddly toys come and attack Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Komaki and Daigo. Hiyuu tells them that this is a dream they just need to imagine themselves with their weapons. The nurse person takes the hit from the demon dog. When the fangs pierce through her she can see all those bad memories of his and she says “it must have been sad and painful” and she can see Kozunu too. She tells the demon thingy that he is free now and that he can’t be angry with the old him he needs to get back to his original self. So that he can save his precious person. Hiyuu goes after Reiji. The dog came into the dream world then Reiji asks him why he didn’t get Aoi back. White light starts streaming in.

Aoi’s voice is tells him to stop and tells him that even if he does this the dog and him cannot be saved. She tells him that he actually doesn’t want to do all this and she doesn’t want a person who is precious to her to go through this again. She tells him that she won’t allow him to hurt someone. Aoi also tells him to gather his courage and to get himself back to gether. He says that he doesn’t care what happened to him but he wanted to protect the dog no matter what. He says he wanted to become strong so he could protect what was precious to him. She tells him that he can go back and he can protect with the power. The dream world starts breaking. He thanks Aoi and disappears. The next day in the news they say that all the high school students who had collapsed have opened their eyes. In the end Kozunu is saying “That dream world, hmph, this and that one none of them are useful, next will be him” He is looking down at Kisaragi. Kisaragi says “Just as I thought, these guys are…” Kozunu tells him that this is enough for today and disappears.    

  • They cut out the ending for this episode.
  • The nurse might have a bigger role b/c they show her in the opening.

NANA - 42

     Reira is thanking Shin for replying back to her mail and she tells him that she has been saved by Shin’s words again. Hachi’s dad asks Takumi whether he can handle taking care of Hachi and the baby while being famous. Takumi tells him that he will take care of them well. Reira is telling Shin about the wedding dress she wore for the promo video and she tells him that even though it’s got nothing to do with the video they made her wear it. She tells him that with her band members around her she feels like she can find the place she belongs in and that even if it gets hard she will always sing. Reira is telling Shin that the reason Gaia took them away to some place in the hills might have been to strengthen their bonds with their fellow members and staff b/c they will be like a family. Reira tells him that lets both do well. Hachi’s mom apologizes for Hachi and her sister being so noisy but Takumi says he enjoys this. He says that his mother was ill and so he never really knew a person who was really bubbly? (not sure what he meant) Hachi flashbacks to what Nana says about admiring Hachi’s normal life and enjoying it. Takumi tells them that his mom passed away 6 or so years ago and that his sister married (not sure) So Hachi’s parents say that they want to meet them but Takumi tells them that it’s better if they don’t meet his dad.

   Reira finds Ren sleeping in the bath tub, Mari asks Reira whether Ren had too much to drink but Reira tells her that this type of thing is usual. Reira is telling Shin “Shin-chan, the lighter you left behind, sadly I left it in Japan, but I regret it now. I didn’t bring it b/c I didn’t want to break it or lose it but when there is no place to go to, I feel insecure…  She also tells him when she is coming back and asks him when he will be coming back. She tells Shin that she wants to talk to him face to face. She says something about if she opens her eyes she might lose and she doesn’t want to lose. Nana is wondering what to tell Ren if she is going to call him. Nana’s feeling like she can’t breathe in the elevator. Nana sees Nobu already getting friendly to a girl. She is a famous celebrity known as Yuri Kosaka. Nana is abit annoyed that Yasu,Shin and Nobu know of her lol! She acts AV idol (porn star) Nana is wondering why someone like her is here, Yasu tells her that she was an idol first. They are wondering why she lives here even though she must be making a lot of money. Nana tells Nobu that he is dangerous to Yuri so they should switch rooms.

   Nana tells him that he better have not forgotten their plan “The Big Plan of Getting Hachiko Back”  He tells her not to misunderstand she tells him that he was totally blushing when he was talking to her. Nobu tells her that he didn’t really want to fight to get Hachi back and that this and that are different and that there is no connection between the band and Hachi. Nobu asks her why he has to be the one to bring Hachi back to Nana even though now he has totally given up on her. While having breathing problems Nana tells herself ” The reason we are playing music is so that we can become pros that is what we are fighting for, it has nothing to do with Hachi. If Nobu dates someone he will be free, but then how are Hachi and me going to connect. I won’t be going back home, even if I do Hachi won’t be there anymore”  Yasu comforts Nana by saying he will be with her and that he won’t go anywhere. Nana says something about wanting to be with Ren.

  • About Takumi’s dad I think in the manga it said that he was a heavy drinker. They are so much closer now. Yuri has come in and Miu has come in too!
  • Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! ^_^

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La Corda D’Oro - 20

 Hino gives Lili the violin back saying that she can’t play it anymore. Lili asks her if it’s really no use, Hino tells him “please understand” Lili thanks her for going along with his selfish wishes. When the violin is going away from her hands she remembers what Tsukimori said about her loving the violin and whether in reality her tears are her true feelings. Kanazawa-sensei’s cat jumps out and runs after Lili so the violin is left in Hino’s hands. Fuyuumi asks Hino if she is going to start practicing again, Hino tells her that she is not going to play the violin anymore. Fuyuumi tells her that she loves Hino’s violin and that when she hears her play she feels good inside. Hino tells her that her violin is not such a great thing and she wishes Fuyuumi luck for the next selection.

Hino tells her friends that she is quitting the concour and she tells them that in the beginning itself it was too much for her. One of her friends tell her that it seems like its too hard for her now, Hino tells them that they just need to go back to how they were before the concour. Her friends tell her that they can’t go back to how they were, they loved the violin playing Hino. They are having a meeting for the selection. Kanazawa tells them that Yunoki is quitting b/c he has to go to England. Fuyuumi asks him about Hino, and Kanazawa tells them that Hino might quit too. While going out Fuyuumi tells herself that she made it this far b/c Hino was there. Hihara asks Kanazawa why he didn’t stop Hino, he tells Hihara that he doesn’t have time to be worrying about others and he tells Hihara that for the last selection he wants to hear a good performance from Hihara. Hino is thinking to herself about why everyone wants to hear her play the violin even though she has no right to play it and that she doesn’t want to fool anyone anymore. Shimizu is telling himself that when he imagines Hino’s sound then a sound that he has never heard is born. He tells her that he wants to hear Hino’s sound and that when he hears it he feels like he can catch something, something really precious. He tells her that the sound is necessary for him, Hino tells herself that her sound is fake.

Ousaki tells Hino that when he looks down he feels really small but he gets excited when he thinks about how big the world is, b/c of the many unchanging people who play music and achieve a lot, when he thinks about that he becomes really excited. He tells her about a volunteer concert he is doing with the kids they played for last time, when he thinks about it that way he thinks that music is not that special and that it’s similar to when you are laughing, playing around and having fun. He tells her that she doesn’t need to try really hard to get an answer b/c eventually the answer will come out slowly. The next day Hino is saying that yes she does love the violin and she does want to play it but if the violin isn’t magical she can’t play it. She says that she is afraid of her own feelings. Shimizu asks Tsukimori if he had ever made a girl cry.

 Hihara asks Yunoki why he started playing the flute but he says it was just like that. In his head he is saying tha he started playing the flute b/c his brothers were playing the piano b/c in no other way could he surpass his brothers. Tsuchiura is wondering why Hino gave up so easily. He played the piano only at home b/c he hated the music students for the firsst time. After listening to Tsukimori play the violin Hino tells herself that after getting the magic violin all really good things happened and that everything is b/c of that violin. Hino says that she doesn’t want to seperate from the violin.  She apologizes for causing it so much trouble and saying that after all of this she still wants to play the violin. She asks the violin if she can play it again, Lili answers saying “yes, ofcourse” and that he is really happy that she didn’t start hating the violin or music. Lili tells her that he can fix the string but the magic is gone, and that there is a bond between the violin and Hino that can’t be taken away. At the end she says “Corda, kizuna”

  • At the end I think Lili tells her that the string is also known as Corda which is kizuna. I don’t get the last part too well but I think the strign that was first broken cannot have magic powers but there is a nother string “corda” that also has the magical pwoers Not too sure.
  • Next week everything is back to normal.


Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 5

Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Aoi, Komaki, Daigo and Kisaragi are trying to figure out how a person could turn into an oni. Aoi thinks that maybe the onis they fought with were also humans but Kisaragi tells her that those were different from Ryouichi and that most likely someone is using some kind of jutsu to give them powers. Also the one that calls for the jutsu is the darkness in a person’s heart. Aoi is saying that they can’t allow innocent people to become victims and die and that it’s their fight. Aoi remembers a fire happening and her friend (not sure) asking her to help her. So she says that she will fight and protect people. All of them except Komaki are with Aoi. Komaki is telling Aoi that she could die if she fought with an oni of that type. That’s why they should forget about this and get back to their normal school lives and that it’s summer at last, so why can’t they go to the pool or play around as they promised. Aoi tells her that it’s already begun and they can’t back out now. Komaki asks her whether saving someone else is that important even though she can’t even save herself. Komaki says that its not just hard for Toono but its hard for her too. The detective guy is given info that the girl who died said something about a dog. He is thinking that lately all wierd things are happening. In the news they are talkign about the high school kids that suddenly died or fell unconscious. Kyouichi is telling Daigo that he will be fine considering the darkness in the heart.

Aoi apologizes to Toono about what happened and for giving Toono scary thoughts. She tells her not to worry about what happened and that they will protect Toono. Aoi tells Toono that she always wanted to get along wit her. Kisaragi calls up Aoi and tells her that he has a job to do so he won’t be able to contact her for awhile. Komaki apologizes to Hiyuu and Kyouichi for what all she said. The girls get to go the pool but the guys have to study lol! Komaki sees Aoi acting really friendly with Toono so she asks Aoi who is more precious to her Toono or Komaki. Suddenly Aoi goes blank and this guy comes out of the pool saying “Aoi, atlast we meet” He tells her to come with him. Kyouichi sees Hiyuu rushing to the pool, he follows him. Inugami tells them to take her to the hospital and that he will take responsibility. Hiyuu feels something wierd at the hospital they go to, Kyouichi tells him that this is the number 1 place he wants to run away from b/c there is a certain person here. Inugami told her that Kyuoichi is coming b/c of that he is getting really nervous. Aoi is in some wierd desert type world where people’s heads are inside stuffed animals!?  Marie Claire and Kozunu are watching, he is saying that there is a toy there, let see what all he does and that this will be fun. All the shrines Kisaragi is going to are broken and he says “Just as I thought, here also..” 

  • Hiyuu is so cute! when the teacher comes to him and tells him that he was doing very well in studies and asks him why he has gone down, he shows her this drawing he did and gets hit by her lol! Also Before Komaki apologizes to Hiyuu and Kyouichi, Kyouichi tells Hiyuu “yo, you aren’t looking to well, boyfriend” lol!!! atleast thats what I heard.
  • Something seems to be up with Aoi, I wonder who that guy is. Also that nurse could see the dog that was a ghost and she knew something about Aoi b/c when she saw her she said “That girl….” Inugami knows something too…

La Corda D’Oro - 11

Fuyuumi, Hino and Amou are celebrating after the concour. Fuyuumi wants to call Hino as Kaho-senpai. She says that she wants to be like Hino and that Hino is the best. Hino is thinking that she doesn’t deserve being said that. Shimizu is looking at the ranking chart and telling himself that it was a shame that he didn’t get to see Tsukimori’s performance but Tsuchiura was very good too. Hino came second, but she feels like a normal student like her doesn’t deserve it, but Lili tells her that Tsuchiura is also a normal student. But Hino tells Lili that Tsuchiura is different. She tells Lili that she knew that she wasn’t in their level but she doesn’t feel like she deserves it. Lili takes care of the violin’s maintanence. After she leaves Lili tells himself that he is the one who acted selfishly and pushed her into this. Shimizu is thinking to himself why Hino’s music stays in his ear even though the others play really well too. Shimizu congratulates Tsuchiura on winning this concour and he is thinking to himself that Tsuchiura is big so he would be able to play the cello easily, so Shimizu says that he wants to grow big too lol! Shimizu says that Hino’s sound is honest. Shimizu says that her sound stays in his ear and is a kind sound thats why he wants to hear it more.

Hino is telling herself that she really isn’t a 2. Hino is telling Tsukimori that it’s wierd that someone like her is 2nd. She is saying that what happened to him wasn’t right but he says that whatever happened, happened and that he is last and she is 2nd. He is saying that the result is everything. He tells her that now this result is of the past and that the next selection he will win and that she should practice instead of thinking about useless stuff. Hino is helping Hihara think of a gift for his brother. Since Hino also has a brother she and Hihara go to some stores looking for a present for Hihara’s brother. Yunoki offers them a ride. Yunoki has 2 brothers, one older sister and one younger sister. Hihara says something about Yunoki’s sister being really cute and Hino says if she is Yunoki’s sister she must really be cute, and then Hihara quickly says ofcourse Hino is also really cute. Hino notices that all the girls are looking at Yunoki and Hihara and they stand out easily especially Yunoki. Hihara chooses a cap for his brother. Yunoki seems to be feeling left out and angryish when both of them are having fun.

Hihara and Yunoki tell Hino how they first met. It was during the entrance ceremony for new students. Hihara asks Yunoki for directions, thinking he is an older kid so he says “Thank you senpai” He thinks Yunoki is in his 3rd year. But the representative for the new students (or the person who gets the highest mark) ends up being Yunoki.  Yunoki is taking music only till end of high school. Yunoki congratulates heer for coming 2nd and tells her not to overdo it. Hino sees Yunoki playing the flute. She is thinking of herself that it’s a pretty song but dark and very sad. When she is leaving she tells Yunoki that she plans on doing her best and that things for her might get a bit hard but things for Yunoki must be harder. She thanks him for worrying about her. Yunoki says “Worry? me worried about you? you don’t understand, you are a nuisance.”

La Corda D’Oro - 10

 Episode 10

   Everyone comes in to see the concour even Tsukimori’s parents come to see him play. Tsuchiura is blushing when he sees Tsukimori’s mom. She tells him that as a fellow pianist she is waiting to see him perform. Tsuchiura performs first. Next up is Hino. She is playing Pachabel’s Canon. She also says that she doesn’t know if this is a fake or a lie and that today she is going to play for what she believes in. Tsukimori goes to practice after hearing Hino play. Next up is Hihara. When Tsukimori is putting some of his things in the closet some guy comes out of nowhwere and pushes him in and locks the closet. Next up is Fuyuumi. Hino notices that Tsukimori is missing so she goes to look for him. She finds only his violin. Tsuchiura and Hihara go to look for Tsukimori. Shimizu goes to perform. Kanazawa tells him to slow things down. So Shimizu walks very slowly lol!

Tsuchiura and Hihara search outside for him b/c some 2nd year music class students said they saw him outside. Hino suddenly realizes after remembering the violin lying in the room and what the 2nd year music students said, that they were the same ones who before had said bad things about Tsukimori. Yunoki goes up next. Tsukimori tries to open the door but it doesn’t open and he has to perform next. He is thinking he won’t make it in time and that no one will come looking for him since they are rivals. But Hino comes in screaming his name. She notices sounds coming from the closet. Tsuchiura over hears the 2nd year music students talking about not keeping the key in and he confronts them. His parents tell Kanazawa that they shouldn’t wait longer as this is a competition. She tells him she will get the key from Kanazawa but Tsukimori tells her that it doesn’t matter b/c he won’t make it in time. He tells her that there is no use playing when he goes back, Hino tells him that she was waiting to hear and see his performance.

Hino and Tsukimori reach but it’s too late everyone is leaving. He apologizes and doesnt say what happened to him. Hino bumps into Tsukimori’s mom and she praises Hino for playing really well. They both hear a violin playing, it’s Tsukimori. Also he is not playing the way he usually does. His mom is shocked that he is at that level. She tells Hino that he gets to uptight when it comes to the concour and that he should play freely sometimes. Hino says that Tsukimori and her worlds are totally different. But he is somewhere in her world.



Nana - 41

Ren wants to go back to Japan and isn’t happy that Takumi got to go back to Japan. Takumi has gone back to Japan to meet Hachi’s parents. Hachi is back at her home-town and she visited her family and told them that Takumi is coming tomorrow. Her sister is telling her that Takumi seemed like a nice guy on the phone. Her sister asks her how Nana is doing and whether they still keep in contact, Hachi tells her that Nana’s cellphone is broken and she can’t email or phone her either and nothing is coming from Nana. Nana’s voice “All I thought about was showing my singing face to Hachi quickly, but I never thought about what she must be doing now and I didn’t really want to hear about her kid or Takumi, but it was just jealousy. 

Reira gets an email from Shin, who is telling her about the Blast training camp he has gone to and what all is happening there. Shin says it would have been much better if Misato had come and then Nana says that Misato should leave school and become their manager. Yasu also agrees that they should have a cute manager like her. Matsuo tells them to take a break from practicing and there will be a meeting with Kawano. In the email, Shin is telling Reira about Gaia and how this place is much more peacefull than Tokyo and he likes it alot b/c at night he can watch the stars and he remembers Reira, but he doesn’t know the reason why. Blast is getting a live in some places in Japan and they are deciding different things. Trapnest is getting ready to shoot a music video. Reira is asking Ren if he heard from Naoki about Yasu and Weekly Search. Also that they think that Yasu and Nana are together but she asures Ren that, that can’t ever happen and that what they are doing is really cruel. Weekly Search is aiming for Yasu. Apparently Yasu’s dream wasn’t to become a lawyer this causes Reira to says that only lies are coming out and that she doesn’t know the truth anymore. Reira says that he went so far for the band’s sake but Ren says that he is not doing all of this for the band’s sake and then Ren says this is bad, because he cannot do that much for Nana’s sake, but his love for Nana isn’t changing. Ren says “Since when did I become such a cold human being” Reira is shocked to hear all this.

Shin’s email says that if Reira is lonely right now then he, Shin will come right away to London, and will go anywhere. Also if Reira’s heart and body can cool/calm down a bit then it’s fine. Then Shin’s voice ” Don’t misunderstand me to be a really kind person, but I haven’t had someone who is this precious to me yet. That’s why I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I am sorry if I am being selfish.” Takumi goes to where Hachi is and he has got lots of gifts for her, she picks up almost all the gifts but she doesn’t figure out the box the ring is in. He tells her that the ring is not a gift but it’s in her right pocket, she takes it out and he puts the ring on her finger. Takumi tells her that for him women are 2nd and Hachi says that she is happy being the first in the 2nd but he tells her that she is the 2nd in the 2nd and asks her if this gift would be good for the 1st, she quickly thinks of Sachiko but he actually meant their child.

Shin is telling Reira how he bought a notebook computer using the money he got from her. But he says that he doesn’t use it just for himself and that he can’t be a romantist but he will send her mail from time to time. Nana finds Yasu sitting by himself. She tells him that she can’t sleep after hearing about the live, Yasu tells her to get her sleep now b/c when she gets back to Tokyo she will be flooded with the promotional events. Nana talking to herself “Since I have left my hometown I feel like I have become stronger with Yasu but when I am with Ren I feel lonely and now nothing can be like it was before. I wonder why? even though my love for Ren doesn’t change” Hachi is thinking up different names for their kid but Takumi says that Sachiko is a good name. Nana’s voice says something about stars and brightness and “Whenever I see something glittering I think of Ren even now.”

  • Sorry it took me time to put this up. Sadly I won’t be putting up screencaps/pictures anymore only summaries. The ending theme changed back to “A Little Pain” for the last few episode of Nana only 8 or so episode till the end.


La Corda D’Oro - 19

Yunoki goes to Kanazawa-sensei and tells him that he is going to resign since he has to go to school in England. Hino is telling herself that it would be easy to resign and that she has no reason to play the violin. Then he tells her that she looks like she wants to throw everything and run off. Yunoki tells Hino about him going to England for studying and offers her to come along. She asks him if he is fine with resigning the concour this causes her to think of what she herself is planning to do. Hihara hears about Yunoki’s leave to England from a friend who heard it from the fan girls. Hihara bumps into Hino and they talk. Hino comes to know that Yunoki didn’t tell Hihara about him going to England, Hihara tells her that he knows he can’t do anything but he wanted him to confide in him and tell him about it. Then Hihara apologizes for not noticing her problem in the concour. She tells Hihara that she wants to stop playing the violin, at first Hihara says that if she really wants to stop playing she could. But then he flashbacks on all the times he saw her play and then says that no he didn’t want to say that but she has already gone.

The next day the news abut Yunoki leaving to England has spread. Hihara says that he wanted to know if it is true. Then Yunoki tells him that he must have some things that he hasn’t told Yunoki either. Hihara says “Since when have we stopped telling the truth to each other” In class Hihara is thinking about how he used to say that he loved music but now Hino doesn’t smile anymore and then he thinks will just liking music end or is it not enough. Shimizu is looking in all the rehearsing rooms for Hino but ends up watching Tsukimori practicing, much to Tsukimori’s shock lol! Shimizu tells Tsukimori that he is looking for a sound but can’t find it even though he practices and then out of nowhere Shimizu says that he wants to see Hino and then he asks himself why he wants to hear Hino’s playing/sound/music so badly. Shimizu tells Tsukimori that he loved hearing Hino and Tsukimori play Avemaria together. Then Tsukimori wonders why he felt that way when he played with her. Ousaki asks Hihara whats wrong he tells Ousaki that Hino wants to quite playing the violin and that he feels bad he can’t do anything, Tsukimori hears this.

Hino tells Kanazawa that she wants to resign/quit the concour. He asks her if she will be able to find something new after leaving concour and then he flashbacks on his life. He tells her that even if she does want to quit now it won’t change the fact that she is really good and that she will find somethign new after this. Lili asks her if she is really planning to leave the concour, Hino tells him that she can’t do it anymore because the violin cannot be fixed anymore. Lili tells her that most likely when the string broke off the magic power sealed inside disappeared and now it’s become a normal violin. She tells him that she can’t play anymore and that she wants a break from it so then she won’t need to lie anymore and fool anyone. Hino is getting ready to go home and comes face to face with Tsukimori. He asks her if it’s true that she is quitting the violin and if she is ok with that. He tells her about the time he saw her playing an imaginary violin on the street. Some incident happened to Tsukimori when he was a kid some older kids hurt/broke his finger and so he was worried if he would be able to play the violin again and the words “I will not let you play the violin again” keeps on playing in his ear. He asks her if she can live without playing or hearing the violin. She says she is fine with not playing and that she wasn’t interested in the beginning and says that she doesn’t like the violin, Tsukimori says “Then why are you crying?” He tells her that those tears are her trueself but she tries to denie it and runs off. At the end Tsukimori says “Where are your real feelings?”

  • Sorry that I put the summary up late and there will be no more episode pics sorry. My computer crashed for the fourtt time and it had to do with the programs I was using to get the episode and the screeencaps. So I will only be putting up summaries from now on. Hopefully you all are fine with that. Otherwise you can watch it on youtube or some other site.  Sorry!

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 4


   Hiyuu saves Aoi. Raito hears a guitar playing and goes after it. Raito finds crow-kun apparently he is Ryouichi. Hiyuu and Kyouichi follow him and catch up to him and Ryouichi. He made Hiyuu and Kyouichi say bad stuff about each other. Ryouichi says that he has got God’s power. He makes Hiyuu and Kyouichi choke each other. Raito tells him that, that music is not their music. For a moment Ryouichi acts like he has become normal but he plays his guitar and disappears. Kyouichi tells them that he can manipulate people’s body and heart. Toono remembers that Ryouichi, Raito and two other guys were in an indie band known as “Crow”  and they are all in high school, but they disbanded and Ryouichi disappeared after that. Ryouichi or the band were known as the God of Underground. Ryouichi is crying saying that he can’t do it and can’t do his best. But Kozunu tells him that he is the only one who can do it. On the other side all of them leave to where Raito and Ryouichi are and they stuff Toono into a pot or vase lol! Aoi tells Kyouichi that what they did to Toono was a bit hard but he tells her that if they didn’t do all this they won’t be able to protect. Raito and Ryouichi met when they were kids. Ryouichi was always alone so they played together. They formed a band so they could play together and show people how good they were. When Raito found Ryouichi that was the day that the earthquake type zig-zag line ran through the city and from then on Raito got the powers he has. Raito tells him that Ryouichi is a Shinigami (reaper) not God. Hiyuu, Daigo and Kyouichi come too. They start fighting. Raito is asking them why they are helping him even though he went after them. Sakurai asks the same question to Aoi and she flashbacks on what Hiyuu had said that Raito is not an enemy because he didn’t use his full force he just wanted to check if they were enemies or not. Raito puts a spear through Ryouichi. Then Aoi tells him that he doesn’t need to kill him, she doesn’t know what their history is but he can save the person’s soul or heart. Ryouichi turns into this big crow or bird thing and flies away. Toono gets away and is going to where the others are. They starts fighting using their full power. The girl in the car sees the crow thing and then Ryouichi/big crow throws the car and it smashes. Hiyuu sees a small toy fly out of the car. Raito is asking Ryouichi for whom did he make the music. He gets affected by this and flies away. Hiyuu saves the girl and tells Kyouichi that he can’t leave her alone. The real Ryouichi is trying to get out and so he becomes back to normal but he is almost dead. Aoi asks him why he was in the oni’s disguise and he says something about guefort but then he gets killed by an axe. Kozunu is telling them that even though he gave the powers to him a bit of Ryouichi’s human heart was still left and that he might have gotten eaten by the oni’s power. Toono has seen all of this. It ends with her in shock.

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NANA - 40


                                                BLAST, Debut!!

   Everyone is talking about Nana and Ren. High school kids, middle school and even mothers are talking about Nana and Ren. Gaia or search weekly (not sure) is being flooded in with phone calls. Kawano and Matsuo are talking about what has happened and the consequences. And they are saying that they can’t back down now. Nana is complaining that Kawano should have put her in a sweet room or deluxe but Shin is saying that they should be grateful that they atleast found them a room but he is also sad that there is no room service. But Misato tells him that she can go buy some food for him. When she is going out she bumps into Yasu. Shin had told her where they are staying so Misato can help them by buying stuff since they can’t go out. Yasu hands them some food from Gaia’s Nishimoto when they open it Shin, Nana and Misato are staring at it in awe like it’s holding them in a spell lol! Yasu takes the food to Nobu’s room. Nobu doesn’t want to debut like this (Ren and Nana’s scandal) Yasu and Nobu are talking about how it could have been Gaia who had done all this. Nobu says that his life is full of things that he isn’t satisfied with. Yasu tells him to realize that justice doesn’t always win. Nana is watching Ren on TV surrounded by reporters. Nana says that she doesn’t know how far she will go with Ren and she doesn’t know what she is aiming for yet.

Hachi calls Takumi she apologizes for saying what she said before. Takumi doesn’t even remember he does this whole flashback thing and then remembers. He tells her that he will be going to England. He also asks her what she wants from there she says she wants an engagement ring. Nana goes to talk to Nobu. She apologizes saying that if he hadn’t join the band he would be happy back at home but he says he wants to be in the band. Nobu all so says that he must be stuck in some story with Nana’s and the name of it is ‘the Story of Nobu” Nana tells him that Hachi cannot disappear from her heart and Nobu says that she can’t disappear from his too. Nobu says that he must be already out of Hachi’s story. Hachi is telling Junko that, that full moon night was one of her happiest moments in her whole life and that she felt that she had everything she wanted. Hachi also says that most likely she will never feel that happy again. Nobu is telling Nana that he thought he could do anything for Hachi but he couldn’t do anything after all. Nana tells him to co-operate in her plan “Get Hachi Back” Nana’s plan was to show Hachi a lot of Blast so then they would have to get back in her life.

Nana, Yasu, Nobu and Shin sign the contract. “We are aiming for the whole of Japan” said Nana. Ren meets up with the other Trapnest members. Takumi shows him the article about him and Nana. Hachi goes back to her home town then she gets the call from Misato telling her that Blast’s debut date has been decided. On the other side Reira is asking Mari when their album is releasing it ends up being the same day as Blast is debuting, October 31st. When Hachi is going she sees something on the wall  she sprays it out and writes somethingelse. Nana is saying “Hachi I can’t be the hero in your story anymore, but the hero in my story is again you, Hachi.”

  • I don’t know what was written on the wall but I am guessing it had something to do with Nana because Hachi was very angry when she saw it!
  • The full moon night Hachi is remembering is when Nobu tells her that he likes her a lot and they get together!!!! ^_^ awesome episode!